Mini Games for Sportsbooks

Our mini games are not just Coin-Toss, or higher/lower. We implement engaging and sometimes even borderline games in existing sportsbooks. Our games are small (1-2 megabyte incl. code, artwork, animations, sound and music). Most of the time they load faster than the surrounding page. They have great math that lets you feel like you found a loophole. Just try out Frog Hunter. The game has a real 96.2% math and feels unreal. We are sure that nearly everybody will try this game and many people will love it.

Disclaimer: We just used a Screenshot from Tigerking to demonstrate how our games could be implemented.


  • 1. Frog Hunter
    (Russian Roulette)
  • 2. Half Court Shot
  • 3. The Tackle
    (Football Crash-Game)
  • 4. Redneck Fishing
    (blast fishing)
  • 5. Aladin
    (Fortune teller)
  • 6. Dragster Race
    (Crash Game)
  • 7. Penalty shoot out
  • 8. Bomb Voyage
    (Dismantle a bomb)

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