Tailor made Slots
for Social Casinos

  • Made to order. From 3x3 Fruit games to most complex cluster pays games with buy feature. Everything is possible (exclusive look, math and features)
  • Get games for special occasions (Xmas, company anniversary, Valentines Day, World-cup, Cinco de Mayo…)
  • Our games are stress tested with billions of Spins per year for the extreme speed of social casinos and for the high wins that need to be displayed.
Extreme 7 Screen

Magic-Mode® for
Social Slots

  • Change the RTP on the FLY during the game at each spin.
  • Different RTP/behavior and volatility per player. (optional)
  • Overlay symbols to satisfy beginners or reward paying users.
  • Integrated TensorFlow AI machine learning to find optimal solutions and adapt to user behavior.(optional)

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